International Relation Current Events

Part I: Using a reputable source (LIRN, National Geographic,,,,, retrieve a current events article that fits one of the criteria listed below. Choose an article that interests you. If you have a doubt about whether an article is acceptable or not, show it to the professor no later than 4 days before the assignment is due. Then write a one-paragraph summary on the article (who, what, where, when, why).Article Ideas:Geography: environment, immigration, global warming, etc. as it relates to humansCulture: customs, traditions, religion, politics, etc.Government: elections, laws, court decisions, etc.Technology: new inventions, innovative ways to better our lives, etc.Cooperation & Conflict: foreign policy, trade agreements and disputes, wars, etc.Resources: natural or human resource issues between governments or groupsHistory/Archeology: New discoveries or theories about the past (fossil finds, etc.)Empires: What country dominates the world now…and who is rising?Part II: Then analyze/react to the current event by answering the following questions, only if they apply to your article (answer as many as apply):What causes conflict between different states, regions, civilizations, ethnic groups, cultures, and religions?What were the effects or outcomes of war and conflict?What effect did the resolutions or treaties have on the people, country, region, etc.?How did cultural, scientific, and technical breakthroughs impact the way people live and think? How do political institutions impact the lives of the people?How do economic principles and policies shape world events?How do historical events influence the development of political institutions?It should be 3-4 pages in APA 7 format all the questions attempted must have different subheadings.

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