Annotated Bibliography of Power Point Project—-at least 500 words

The first semester long project for this course is the project creating a power point presentation on the history of sociology. In this presentation, you will want to address the origins of sociology, the important early theorists and the theories contributed by them, and how sociology as a field of inquiry has evolved and progressed. You are free to add any elements to the power point that you want; video files, web links, audio files, etc.Power Point Project ComponentsAnnotated Bibliography:You will also need to create an annotated bibliography of the sources used for your presentation.Each annotated bibliography should contain at least 10 sources in addition to the textbook, and they should be reputable sources; peer reviewed journals or books, education websites, etc.You should not use Wikis as sources, unless they originate from a college or university.In the annotations for each source, you will want to explain why each source is included in the power point, and what information you are including from each source.The annotated bibliography will be submitted through the Power Point Project Annotated Bibliography Assignment in Class Session 6, and the instructor will provide feedback and guidance for the final stage of the group project.Refer to the Power Point Project Rubric in the Rubrics folder in the Resources tab for further information on grading requirements.Power Point Project Assignment RubricCriteriaInsufficientLimitedAdequateProficientExceptionalSociological Understanding & Application37.5 PointsThere is no evidence that the presenter has any comprehension of the topic at hand. There is no application of sociological understanding in the presentation45 PointsThere is little indication that the author understands the material being presented, but there are some attempts at incorporating core concepts in sociology to the topic at hand.52.5 PointsThe presentation rarely uses evidence or core sociological concepts well; sometimes it does not use evidence at all. The audience feels that the author has only a moderate grasp of the topic at hand.60 PointsThe audience knows exactly what the author wants to say. It is well organized, it presents a worthwhile and interesting idea, that idea is supported by sound evidence, and contains discussion of core concepts in sociology, all presented in a neat and orderly way.75 PointsThe presentation is lively, well-paced, interesting, and even exciting. The language has style. Looking at the presentation, we can feel a mind at work. The presentation is proof that the author has a true mastery of the sociological concepts pertaining to the topic.Notes and Sources12.5 PointsThere are no sources provided, and the notes do not correlate with the presentation.15 PointsSources are provided, but they are not good, reliable sources. Notes correlate only slightly with presentation.17.5 PointsA mixture of reliable and questionable sources is provided. The notes provided correlate with the presentation, but do not cover all points presented.20 PointsGood sources are provided and the notes contain references to all points presented.25 PointsAll sources are provided, along with links to the sources. All sources are reliable, and most are from peer-reviewed journals and books. Detailed notes are provided that correlate with the presentation.

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