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how being overweight or obese affects your health?

nursing homework help APA 7 format. the rubric is attached read the rubric thoroughly there are four questions that have to be answered in APA format style only and there are additional questions each question should have at least 10 sentences for each question (2 paragraphs) we must answer the questions that say in the rubric how does bodyweight affect the five body systems? cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, endocrine system, and immune system. I hate attached the rubric and the ati nutrition book in the files the questions have to be in APA format only,· AdditionalWritten Paper for 4 Additional Questions:1. How does additional bodyweight affect physical status in general?2. What are some of the barriers and challenges to losing weight in the U.S.?3. Describe cultural considerations when discussing weight and weight loss with clients in general.4. What would you suggest to help Mark achieve a healthy weight?· Late Assignment and Academic Integrity Violation Policy will be applied to this assignment.Preparing Additional WRITTEN PAPER: Additional Questions· Page Length: 2-3 pages EXCLUDING title page and reference (APA format)· Answers must be descriptive and comprehensive.§Each answer must have 2 complete paragraphs with at least 10 sentences in each paragraph.§ Must use complete sentences.· Paper must be written following Paper Format using APA format (Title page, Running head, Page number, Headings, In-text Citation, Full-sentences, and References)PAPER FORMATBody Weight and Physical Status· How does excess body weight affectFive body systems?§ Describe the mechanisms of extra body weight on each body system.§ Cardiovascular (CV)System§ Gastrointestinal (GI) System§ Musculoskeletal System§ Endocrine System§ Immune System· Must include in-text citationsBarriers and Challenges· IdentifyThree barriers and challengesto losing weight in the U.S.· Describe how and why each identified barrier and challenge affect losing weight?· Must include in-text citationsCultural Considerations· IdentifyThree different cultures.· Describe how and why each culture influence weight and weight loss with clients in each culture· Must include in-text citationsAdvice for Mark· What would you suggest to helpMarkachieve a healthy weight?· Must include in-text citations

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