Assignment 07: Aging Parents

HA4120D – Management of Continuum Care ServicesAssignment 07: Aging ParentsPrepare a 3-4 page, cite 3-4 reliable sources that addresses the following scenario:You are helping your parents, ages 62 and 64, plan their retirement and financial future.• Research and discuss options for seniors’ long-term care, including programs through Medicare, Medicaid, managed care, and other private insurance, etc.• What will you tell them about the potential need for, and costs of, long-term care? What about long-term care insurance?• How will you advise them to prepare financially to cover their health needs and related issues as they age, based on their income, current payer coverage and current and future needs? Be specific.• Detail trends affecting long-term care reimbursement and national spending from federal, state, and personal perspectives.Long-Term Care-Vitalsource [email protected]#magicMAN61

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