Module 2 Discussion

Assignments for this module include…1.  View provided TedTalk videos.-  After viewing the first 3 videos please respond to the one that resonates with you the best and discuss why and how it relates to health and wellness: An unexpected place of healing, the brain and the concept of neuroplasticity, your microbiome and your health.- video links:  Review power point entitled “Survey of Alternative Practices” and provided links on Alternative Practices.- Powerpoint: attached below- Links:  Assigned reading, “What is Reiki?”. (attached below)4.  Complete Module 2 Discussion.-  After viewing and reading the required material for Module 2, please discuss the following:a.) Choose a video from the first section that you believe is important to your concept of health and wellness and discuss how this is so.b.) Please reflect on how wellness practices- meaning {Complementary and Alternative Medicine}- might become a larger part of American life.  How might this improve health and wellness in our families and communities?5. Reply to at least 1 peer post by sunday.

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