For my understatement, the London Bridge rhyme is a way to help us understand that everything that we do in life we need to do it the right way, dedication, and passion, it does not matter what we use to do it or how long it takes us to do it. Anything we set as a goal to do it we need to do it the best way with passion, dedication, effort, and love. It will be the best way to accomplish our goals and dreams.The rhyme I remember in my childhood is called “Rosa’s shoes” by Jose Marti. The lesson for this rhyme is about solidarity, the was a little girl that went to the beach with new shoes and walked by the sand, she saw a poor gild that did not have shoes so she gave them to her and did not care that they were new, she had more at home. This shows us that we should be nice and help others that are in a worst situation than us.

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