Managing A Software Project

Perhaps more than any other of the knowledge areas, integration management is of primary importance to the project manager (or project manager staff). Coordination is the hallmark of integration management. As far as the project manager is concerned, process facility, analytic skills, and domain experiences are certainly important. The project manager is still only as effective as his or her soft skills and his or her relationships with the stakeholders.

Your company intends to form a project management office (PMO), hoping to benefit from the ability to promulgate good project management practices to both in-house and customer-facing projects. Your company expects that the office will contribute to more efficient coordination of resources among projects, maximizing the exploitation of the resources and providing a dependable window into project performance. They also intend to apply resources to the management of the capability maturity of its detailing your recommendations for the organizational architecture and strategy of the PMO.

In a 1 page response, answer the following:

  • With respect to cultivating stronger projects, what important issues should it address, and how?
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