Write an Executive Summary Explaining FIFO and LIFO

CompetencyAnalyze decisions that impact the healthcare delivery system.InstructionsThe Gotham City Hospital, a mid-sized hospital, has hired you as an expert consultant for healthcare organizations. They have requested an executive summary, between 3-4 pages that explains to their management team (administrators and medical staff) the difference between FIFO and LIFO delivery systems. The summary needs to cover both the risks and benefits the two delivery systems could have in the procurement and use of medical resources at the hospital.Write an executive summary of at least 3 pages comparing and contrasting the use of FIFO and LIFO supply chains in a healthcare setting.Make sure that the Executive Summary includes the following;Address the benefits and risks of using a FIFO delivery system in a healthcare setting.Address the benefits and risks of using a LIFO delivery system in  a healthcare setting.Make a recommendation based on your research and back it up with  evidence.NOTE – APA formatting in the reference list and proper grammar, punctuation, and form are required.

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