Nursing assignment about Manual therapies.

This an assignment that I have to read and familiarize with all the manual therapy resources that I am giving you here (Web links, Videos, Journal Articles, etc.) I must write about them and use the Internet to further explore manual therapy, and answer the following questions if I need more information.These questions must be answered in the paper.Identify the actions you can take to safe-guard a patient’s right to manual therapy.Describe the role of educators, counselors, advocates, and change agents in manual therapy.List several cases of EBP (evidence-based practice) that support the use of manual therapy.What is manual therapy?What techniques are specific to manual therapy?What conditions are manual therapy used for?The education, scope of practice, and treatment claims of the practitioners.RESOURCES TO ANSWER THIS QUESTIONS ARE: 3 JOURNALS THAT I ATTACHED PLUS THE VIDEOS AND THE WEB LINKSVideos INSTRUCTIONSpaper should be 4-6 pages, including:***Title page, reference page according to spacing and margin settings (APA Style),***MUST BE FREE OF PLAGIARISM*** MUST BE 4-6 PAGES*** MUST HAVE AT LEAST 4 REFERENCES

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